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Hi! I’m Bill Blevins. I purchased Avemar, a 1987 Liberty 38 sailboat four days before Thanksgiving in 2021. I’ve sailed over 3500 nautical miles since then and I’m taking Avemar to warmer weather again in November to find new adventures!

I have this new website (which you’ve obviously found), new camera gear aboard, and Starlink internet to share stay in touch from anywhere!

Here was my first blog post that you may not have seen yet because it was posted on the “Coming Soon” page and once I started posting it sort of got burried. It will explain why I’m keeping this blog and what I’m doing.

I’ll be sharing tall tales from the sea and other interesting things that appeared in front of my cameras.

Avemar’s tracking map is live with realtime information about where we are located. It also shows how slow or fast we are sailing. Paid subscribers can view the maps at anytime. You can also read Avemar’s Logbook which has the details from each trip and anchorages we find with lots of information about the area. Every Friday I’ll clean my memory cards and post photos from the past week.

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I’m going to slow down on participating on other social media platforms and consolidate my writing and photos here, but for now, here are my other social and professional links.

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Where to sail? That is the question.


Bill Blevins

I sail, work and live aboard 'Avemar', a 1987 Liberty 38.